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      Have you ever wept so much
      That the tears cease to drop from your eyes
      Have you ever felt so much pain
      That you could share with no one
      Have you ever? Have you?

      Where is everyone when you need them most?
      Why is there no one to tell me its going to be alright
      Why isn’t there a shoulder to cry on and be reassured
      Why isn’t there no inner conviction  of stability

    Red eyes and a shattered mind
    Mind whirling and fuming with rage
    Bloodshot eyes and hate in my veins
    Hate enough to crush the agent of this
    And justify my sorrowful heart

    I’m broken beyond repair
    Shattered beyond moulding
    A pained heart that might never be healed
    A battered soul with stripes of blood
    Soaked in endless flows of tears

    Each tear that drops,
    Forms an ocean
    A potential ocean of pain, sorrow and hate.
   Large enough to be drowned in.

POET’S NOTE: A poetic outpour of a broken individual.


5 thoughts on “BROKEN (1)

  1. Would you believe if I tell you, this morning I had this. That my emotions were at its height of almost empty. But I have recovered since, coz I kept the line open, a line in which I have been prayingr ever since

    1. Of course I would. As humans, moments like this come to us in various form to test our capacity to withstand them, but prayer gives us so much relief and comfort. I’m glad you handled it well. Thanks for stopping by Ohmz!

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