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I Am Charlene

    I may not touch the skies, but I’d climb real high
    I may not soothe your heart but I’d grease it with love
    I may not know your name, but I’d feel your pain.
    I may not fancy today, but I’d love tomorrow
    I may not be known today, but I’d dominate the future

    I do not know how to tell sweet lies, but I can speak the truth sweetly
    I do not know how to heal your hurts,  but I’d dress your wounds
    I do not know if I’d win but I’d try and never quit
    I do not know what lies ahead of me, but I’m prepared for whatever
    I do not see my self as perfect but see my imperfections as perfect

    In my weakness lies my strength
    In my tears do I grow
    In my head does a materialization of reality spring out from
    In my thoughts are great innovations conceived
    In my thick heart does a great fountain of love flow

   Hasten me not, for I move at my own pace
   I may look weak but my strength cannot be measured
   Don’t detest my abilities for you’d need them in a time so soon
   A cosmetic life; I live not
   For… I Am Charlene; one not so common.

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