Dancing Queen In The Wild

      Arms outstretched, head up high
      Her lips moving, but never producing a sound
      Adorned in a bright apparel; as that of royalty
      As blue as the sky, yet so elegant
      Fragile-looking but impervious to the dangers of the forest

      Dancing, she looks up to the sky
      With a charming and radiant smile
      Amidst the cries of Wolves
      She continues to dance, and dance
      What she dances to, no one knows

      Proceeding further into the dark forest
     She moves like she has no fears
     Crickets are chirping and Tigers are growling
     Yet she continues to dance, effortlessly
     To the soft music of the wind that can now be heard.

     As she moves and dances in circles
     The Hyenas stop their laughter
     Bats quit their screeching
     Even wild Cats halt their purring
     As they watch in Awe; the dancing Queen in the Wild.



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