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Lady Cleopatra and Lord Thomas

Lord Thomas:           Oh thou fairest among women          Daughter of the Duke of Hamsfort          Thou has captured my heart          Beyond the discernment of humans          Each day that passeth strengthens my love for thee          Thou hast ravished my heart          And rendered my cerebral activities useless          With thy smile that… Continue reading Lady Cleopatra and Lord Thomas

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      Have you ever wept so much       That the tears cease to drop from your eyes       Have you ever felt so much pain       That you could share with no one       Have you ever? Have you?       Where is everyone when you need them most?       Why is there no one to… Continue reading BROKEN (1)


Dancing Queen In The Wild

            Arms outstretched, head up high       Her lips moving, but never producing a sound       Adorned in a bright apparel; as that of royalty       As blue as the sky, yet so elegant       Fragile-looking but impervious to the dangers of the forest       Dancing, she looks up to the sky       With… Continue reading Dancing Queen In The Wild


Good For The Goose, Not For The Gander

       Walking alone and trying your ways        You’re not sure of what you do         Looking around and trying to guess        What the man next door has on his hands to do        You finally figure it out and find it appealing        You abandon your means and seek another’s        Cos you… Continue reading Good For The Goose, Not For The Gander