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Inevitable Power Of Love


   The inevitable power of love we are all bound to feel
    Be it from others or from ourselves within
    Be it from our creator or other of his creations

    This inevitable power of love would come knocking at your door
     Be it the door of your inner mind or the door of your heart
     Be it the door of your ears as God whispers the acts of charity to you.

      This power of love I write about, yea  this very inevitable one
       Could be your passport to happiness or your journey to  irreplaceable pieces of a broken heart
      Take it for granted and it leaves you shattered
       Hold on to it and your life would be better

       Close not your hearts to love
       Withhold not your self from experiencing its thrilling effect
       That feeling you get occasionally to drop some nairas or dollars in the bowl of the beggar on the street
       Is the inevitable power of love beckoning to you.

      You think I’m a preacher
      Of course I know what you think
      Yes, you with the hardened heart of steel!
      Who’s shut everyone out of their life for all the evil they’ve experienced and the philosophies they’ve developed overtime.

    You think I’m insane
    Of course I know what you think
    You who’s got too much pride and Ego; Larger than the “Olumo” rock in Nigeria
    Why can’t you give it all up for a better life of fulfillment? Why?

     Why do you choose to hoard your ability to love your neighbour
     Why do you choose to hinder the power of love from radiating in you, through you and to others?
    Don’t you know? That the power of love is inevitable
    And it would find you wherever you run to

    I’ve been tossing and turning in my bed
    I’ve had a stressful day
    But this inevitable power of love won’t let me sleep
    Cos it wants me to reach out to you and melt your heart which I perceive is made of concrete

   You must be blind if you can’t see
    That this power of love is divine and not just restrained to the part of love-making
    There’s another side to it
    One that is true and rules the universe

    Love that is as pure as a dove
    The power of Love that flows from the heavens to us down here on earth
    Love that gives us reasons to laugh
    I’m talking about this inevitable power of love that you never can run from.
[Olumo rock – Name of a group of large rocks in the western part of Nigeria.]

I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t realize why until I picked up my pen and wrote this down. I don’t know who its meant for or where I  even got the inspiration from but I just hope this piece gets to the person or perhaps people its meant for.                                                        °                                            *Charlene*


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