Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG)

    We’ve screamed enough, campaigned enough    Yet nothing seems to be done     We’re all humans and we’ve tried our best     Yet our efforts seems to be futile      Can our hearts reach out to the little girls    Who are so far from home    All of our attempts and our… Continue reading Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG)

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Listen To The Night Time

        The dazzling sky and beautiful stars     An amazing night time of beauty     My soul relax, my mind be relieved     For the night time seems to have something to say     As I open up my windows and roll up the curtains     A soft rush of wind greets my face … Continue reading Listen To The Night Time

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Forgive Me

      I might have erred; consciously or unconsciously     I may have done things, things I should never have done I may have been too engrossed in my personal dealings Too occupied to accept my wrongs Too heart-blinded to see my guilt But all I ask is that you forgive me. I may have… Continue reading Forgive Me