From The Heart

The Chosen One

In desperation and fear, i thrust my heart away
Afraid of the visible, but undaunting in my soul
I am the chosen one
The one sent to restore the godly epitome of humanity
The one to set things right

In the midst of the wolves, i flourish more
In the midst of the sheep, i humbly stay
I am not to be touched nor foiled with
Too fragile to stay, too hard to leave
Tough and powerful, yet ever so soft

I believe in change
Not necessarily in materialism, but in the state of mind
In softness do i blossom
In toughness do i transform
In faith do i manipulate

“Tick Tock Tick” goes the time
When shall it be
I can’t wait to be harnessed with such totalness
I am the chosen one,
The one y’all await…