From The Heart

Time After Time 1 (Poetry)

Time after time, i searched my heart
Time after time, i checked my thoughts
Could this be real or am i out of my mind
Is this my end or am i close to it
“No, you’re not” a voice whispers in my ears
Did i really hear that or do i hear from spirits too?
I’m terribly shaken and my heart is so afraid
Should i move on or should i not?
What if i faint and be weary in my uncertain journey?
What if i never reach perfection?
What if, oh what if!
Who would reason with me?
Will anyone understand my plight without seeing me as insane?
No, i guess not
Wait, what is main cause of my problem? I cannot tell
The origin, i can’t discern
My situation is much worse than you imagine…


2 thoughts on “Time After Time 1 (Poetry)

  1. perfection is always on tomorrow’s horizon,
    a journey rather than a destination,
    action, no action,
    it matters little.
    you will march towards perfection,
    and nothing, while living, can slow that march.
    be who you are,
    and existence will care for the rest.

    1. Thank you so much for the words, it’ll go a long way in guiding me towards perfection; though i’m only human.:)

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